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Smart Security Week Awards 2017


Smart Security Week congratulates the 2017 Awards Winners, distinguished for their innovation in trusted technologies:


WINNER: Signicat DISP – Digital Identity Service Provider by Signicat


WINNER:Smart Mobile Security Solution by SK Telecom
WINNER:TrustInSoft Analyzer by TrustInSoft


WINNER: Check & Go Mobile Connect by Orange


WINNER:The Enterprise Immune System by Darktrace

SSW 17 Awards - Group photo

Awards ceremony on September 26th, 2017 evening.
More about the technologies awarded:

The Signicat DISP – Digital Identity Service Provider provides customers with functionality for Identity assurance (on-boarding), Authentication (login), Electronic signatures and seals, Preservation of electronic signatures/seals and identities. Also part of the solution is the Signicat Hub, which gives customers a single access point to multiple providers of services for Identities: Signicat has the largest coverage of European eID providers, including Norwegian and Swedish BankID, NemID, DigiD and IDIN and more. Commercial identities are also included, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live; for Data providers: These provide information about people and organisations, such as Bisnode. This is used as part of identity assurance to validate user claims. The information can also be used during an B2B electronic signature process to determine signing rights; for Assurance providers, providing specific assurance functions. For example, scanning identity papers or performing a video interview. Signicat also offers MobileID, a low-friction/high-security solution that meets the demand for strong customer authentication.

Demo video:

The Check & Go Mobile Connect offer allows digital services providers such as Banks, e-Merchants, e-Governments or Utilities to leverage Digital Identity for securing and simplifying users’ transactions, while reducing fraud. The benefit for end-users is the reduction of friction allowing them to retain permanent control over the use of their personal data according to the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Check & Go leverages Mobile Connect to simplify and secure the authentication on smartphone. It is based on a set of open APIs together with a network of partners, including data aggregators such as Danal Inc., digital security and trusted transactions experts such as G+D or OT-Morpho that integrate Check & Go into their solutions to add new features, for example in the KYC domain (Know Your Customer). It is the first time such a combination of mobile operator’s assets (end-user authentication + identity data + network management), combined with the best-in-class in biometrics will be provided at global scale, while working seamlessly across different operators for end-users’ privacy consent.


The Enterprise Immune System leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop an understanding of the ‘pattern of life’ for every user, device and network in an organization, forming an evolving baseline of what is ‘normal’. The Enterprise Immune System identifies threats regardless of method or origin, including ransomware, insider, and subtle, sophisticated threats. This understanding of what is ‘self’ and what is ‘not self’ also allows the Enterprise Immune System to autonomously respond to in-progress threats. The ability to take automatic, intelligent and proportionate action against emerging cyber-threats is a core new product area, which addresses the challenge of fast-moving threats and the shortage of cyber analysts.
This technology is fundamentally different to legacy approaches to cyber security relying on pre-defined threats using rules or signatures, and then attempting to identify the threat at the network boundary.
By applying its unique unsupervised machine learning, Darktrace has identified 48,000 serious, in-progress threats across all network types including Industrial Controls Systems, cloud and virtual environments, hybrid environments, and IoT.


Smart Mobile Security Solution is a mobile security control system which enables companies to provide secured enterprise mobile line and to interconnect mobile and intranet network without installing additional security apps.
The use of smartphones for business is increasing consistently, but in case of cooperate mobile line, it is more vulnerable to various security threats in comparison with internal wired network. There is no solution for security of enterprise mobile line without security apps. SK Telecom developed and combined its infrastructure (LTE routing, S/W-based high performance switch), IDPS (Intrusion Detection & Protection System) with SK Telecom’s proprietary rules and SIM (Security Information Management) based analyzing/managing technology.


TrustInSoft Analyzer is an advanced static source code analyzer that performs comprehensive mathematical analyses of software, to find and resolve source code flaws. Its technology detects all vulnerabilities, and is the only software that can mathematically guarantee the absence of complete families of software flaws.
The analyzer enables to exhaustively detect the undefined behaviours, that is the coding mistakes which can lead to an exploit. It can exhaustively detect functional dependencies, to make sure you use only the right function and there are no backdoor. The control and dataflow analyses enable to understand where the data comes from, which is important to guarantee there is no data leakage. Shared variables and race conditions are the two kind of analysis required for multithreaded programs. The proof of functional properties, enables to guarantee more advanced properties defined in functional specification.



  • Richard Bricaire, Editorial & Strategy Consultant, Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
  • Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director of Business Development, Identification Market, Infineon;  Member of Silicon Trust, Eurosmart and BITKOM
  • Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA
  • Jean-Paul Thomasson, Security Expert, Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
  • Dr. Eric Vetillard, Sr. Security Architect, Prove & Run, France
  • Janne Uusilehto, Senior Program Manager, International Compliance, Global Ecosystems US, Microsoft


  • DIGITAL IDENTITY category:
    • Signicat DISP – Digital Identity Service Provider by Signicat (Norway)
    • Mobile Connect et moi by ARIADNEXT (France)
  • GOVERNMENT ID category:
    • Check & Go Mobile Connect by Orange (France)
    • ADUCID by ADUCID (Czech Republic)
    • Procivis eID+ by Procivis (Switzerland)
  • IoT SECURITY category:
    • The Enterprise Immune System by Darktrace (United States)
    • Cloakware for IoT Security by Irdeto (Netherlands)
  • CYBERSECURITY category:
    • Smart Mobile Security Solution by SK Telecom (South Korea) and
    • TrustInSoft Analyzer by TrustInSoft (France)


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